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Thread: Please help with my SE K750i

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    Default Please help with my SE K750i

    I can't seem to get the MMS to work. I've requested "an over-the-air setup" 10 times. I do everything by the book. But still nothing. The IP and DNS addresses are still empty. I've spent R20 already and still no luck. So my question is: Does anyone have the settings for MMS/GPRS especially the IP and DNS settings? Then I can enter them manually. Thanks.

    BTW I think it sucks that this info isn't on their website for free. Why should I pay for the [email protected] settings to be sent to my phone, to use their [email protected] service?
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    Lemme guess..... Cell C?

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    Oops.... forgot to mention that. *smacks head on keyboard*
    Yes, I'm on CellC. Now I've Ceen for myself
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    Yeah, sounded like Cell C Had a similar experience.
    They suck as far as customer service goes.

    Unfortunately, for some reason my phone won't let me properly view some of the settings.

    For MMS, the setting profile is called CellC MMS Proxy.
    The home page is set to http://mms.cmobile.c....
    I can't view this entry to give you the proper URL. Friggin annoying the crap out of me.
    Proxies is set to enable.
    Primary proxy is:
    Data bearer is GPRS. Unfortunately, and unhelpfully, my phone won't let me view the bearer settings. Prolly cuz I received the settings OTA.

    The access point name is 'internet'. I think that's prolly the same across all networks

    Sorry I couldn't be any real help. This friggin' phone (Nokia 6220) is annoying me.

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