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Thread: EWC Mail Fraud Scam

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    Exclamation EWC Mail Fraud Scam

    So, it seems theres a new letter scam out hitting SA. A few people I know received the same letter including me.

    I received a very formal letter,signed by a Dr.Marcus, in my post box from the following sender informing me that I have won $50 000.

    Heres the particulars:
    Company : European Winners Club (EWC)
    Postal Address : P.O. Box 293, NL-5201 AG's, Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

    Letter Contents:
    Theres a confirmed winner letter with an official payment sticker attached and even a very convincing cheque inside. Its very professionaly done!

    How it works:
    After you received the notification you have 7 days to reply back with your credit card details and acknowledging that you obliged to pay the mandatory R350 processing fee whereupon you will receive a "Gaurantee of millions" program.

    Tell tale signs of a scam:
    Short period of time to respond after notification in this case 7 days
    I did NOT enter any kind of competition
    They ask for money in return and sell you some bull crap program
    No telephone or any other contact details on the letters
    No physical address, just a PO Box address

    I hope this post helps anyone out there thinking this thing is legit. Make no mistake this is MAIL FRAUD

    Oh, and since my blood is boiling from getting crap like this in my post
    here's another company to watch out for thats also scamming people
    in plain sight!

    So this is enough to send alarm bells ringing in my head. I immediately informed my friend of the facts. So inform your friends and family about this company.
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    Anyone else heard of or dealt with rrr-link?

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    Is that the same Gert Theron that made everybody grow sour milk in the '80s? It sure does not look like him?

    When googling Gert Theron it came up with connection to growing milk cultures etc. Wasn't that Adriaan Niewoudt though?
    Last edited by MightyQuin; 13-04-2011 at 02:24 PM. Reason: More info.

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