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Thread: Forum Frustrations - OpenWeb and NukeCap

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    Default Forum Frustrations - OpenWeb and NukeCap

    Ok, maybe I'm just a lazy b**stard, and don't have the patience for searching the forums (or the actual websites), but on openweb and nukecap, when you're looking for extra info on the products, the "more info" link just takes you to forums on the site. Would it hurt to have a matrix type page detailing the products and differences.

    P.S. Please honest when replying, am I a lazy b**astard, or do I have a valid point?
    -= Veteran from the Great War of MyWireless 2005 =-

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    Well, it's illegal to have comparative advertising, so I doubt the matrix type page will happen. But they should have more info when you click on "more info"

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    Would it be illegal if it was hosted by an impartial party? (Comparative advertising is great for competition anyways!) Was this a telkom idea to make it illegal?

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    i think he meant comparing the costs of their own packages ie freevpn vs. low ping something. surely that can't be illegal?

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    ...And thats all on the map for our new site. We just havnt finalised it yet thus we have to make use of what we got.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Thanks Clipse
    -= Veteran from the Great War of MyWireless 2005 =-

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