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Thread: MTN Prepaid BIS

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    Default MTN Prepaid BIS

    Last month I subscribed to Blackberry BIS on MTN Prepaid.

    Today I get an SMS to remind me that my subscription is DUE on the 24th (today) and I must ensure there is funds available. Fine!

    What strikes me is that I tool the subscription out on the 25/01/2011 and yes it may be 30 odd day today from 25th of last month, BUT give me a break, pay day is only of the 25th of EACH month.

    So if I renewed my BB subs today then on the 23rd March 2011, I would need to have funds again in my account, so every month it kicks back a day ..

    Come on MTN, why not allow a day or two for prepaid uses to top-up their accounts.


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    I normally top up on the 27th and on the 28th it goes off, but yes I think we should get a break ! MTN!

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    How much is the prepaid BIS sub?
    Do NOT construe anything I type as advice

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