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Thread: Xammp help please

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    Default Xammp help please

    Hi, everyone. I'm currently In the process of developing an intranet for my LAN at home. I currently have xampp installed on my computer only and therefore apache, php, mysql etc... Although the intranet is still heavily under-developed, since I'm responsible for all the coding and I don't believe in using dreamweaver etc, I have however completed certain requests from the lan members on what the intranet should contain and I'd like them to use it
    All nodes on the LAN connect to the internet via a default configured billion router/modem.

    I use the typed the the following URL on another computer on the LAN:


    It loads the file but then displays the php syntax instead of processing it which leads me to believe that the computer does not have php installed on it and therefore mysql, apache etc.

    How can I rectify this? Post me to a relevant thread If I have double posted.

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    You have to access the webserver. Use http://<server_ip>/file.php.
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    ... which assumes the webserver (apache) is actually up on the machine running Xampp. First make sure this is the case. You don't say what OS you're running - depending on this and the Xampp version, you may have a control panel available that can be used to check, or check the services currently loaded via the OS utils. Else, use 'xampp start', or 'xamp restart' to force it up, from the command line. Also make sure that 'file.php' is in the 'htdocs' directory or below. Post any further difficulties you may have...

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