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Thread: 8ta modem connection

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    Default 8ta modem connection

    the problem i'm having is that when i connect it connects but disconnect within 5seconds.
    has anyone had the same problem?

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    Do you have network coverage?
    Are you using the 8ta Connect software?
    Did you stick your SIM into a phone to see if you can pick up the network?
    Do you have airtime on it?

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    network yes
    8ta software yes
    no wap enbled phone
    contract modem

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    Do you have any other connection software on your PC? For example VMCLite or Mobile Partner?
    If yes, first remove all connection software and then re-install 8ta Connect.

    Did this work before or are you having this problem from day 1?

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    Im having the exact same problem. Ive just installed the software. Anyone have a solution?

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    I am using the E220 modem from vodacom. Updated my firmware, installed the full software as if to use vodacom, then installed 8ta connect over that. My modem was disconnecting from usb without a simcard, especially if I did diagnostics within 8ta connect, but now with the sim, no more disconnects.

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    Same issue here. Connect and disconnect. It was fine this morning.

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