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Thread: NEUROBION Injections

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    Default NEUROBION Injections

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    do you have megaloblastic anaemia? had any gastric surgery (ie no intrinsic factor to secrete to absorb B12 from the ileum)? then why would you want a B12 injection? i honestly dont understand why people think this is going to boost them with energy. if i remember correctly neurobion is a mix of B12, B6 and B1. pop a pill if you must (if you follow a healthy diet then this wont even be necessary). neurobion burns like a [expletive]. the best cure for being tired, is really dumbed down basics: sleep more, stress less (impractical advice, i know), drink more water, eat less super refined carbohydrates (sugar sugar sugar).

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    Neurobian works well for boosting your immune system and giving you energy quicker than tablets would and any other things

    Think of it as like a steroid injection

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