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Thread: New Customer - 7-Day Speedtest with Amobia 3MB uncapped WiMax

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    Default New Customer - 7-Day Speedtest with Amobia 3MB uncapped WiMax

    I've had Amobia for 3 days.

    After reading the highly positive reviews by Rouxmaster and being *****ed by Telkom who only offer 512kbps in the Tamboerskloof/Gardens area I was excited to try something different. Previously I was on Afrihost uncapped then Mweb on a 4MB Telkom line in Rondebosch.

    I chose the 3 megabit uncapped option which cost R2000 to install. Ouch! Yes, but I took the plunge after reading alot of positive feedback in this forum.

    I was initially disappointed - not with the friendliness of Amobia staff - but with the service delivery efficiency. I had to made several calls to follow up my installation which took over a week after paying the installation deposit and filling out paperwork. When it finally came it was up and running immediately. Moving on...

    First impressions are poor. My first result was 0.4MB/sec!
    Tonight its trailing along at just over one with a ping of 142ms. I am not a torrent leecher but I do download the occasional file and yet to rise above 30kb/sec. Its painful and its consistent across a multitude of healthily seeded files.

    I was told by a technician who conducted a site survey that my line of sight was more ideal than 90% of clientele. My flat is high up with a direct line of sight with no obstructions which I estimate to be a little under 2km which should provide me with a very very decent connection, in theory.

    HTML Code:
    I really hope this improves Amobia - I was super keen and will punt you guys to others if I get what I paid for.

    I am going to post daily speedtest results at different times for the benefit of other users and hopefully Amobia are listening too.

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    Another more recent one with a different server

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    oy not good. was considering using them when I move house... not anymore
    Insert witty comment here...

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    Slightly better.. but not altogether great.. yet.. there is still optimism!

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    As of 1pm today.

    Download: 0.96mbps
    Upload: 0.21mbps
    Ping. 575ms.

    Amobia are you listening? Am i the only one complaining here?? Where is Rouxmaster in all of this? Does he have a comment to add?

    I am paying for less then 30% of what I am being charged for. Bleak.

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    Just drop down to the 1 meg package. It's obviously all they can offer you.

    Sent from my apple stomping, berry crushing droid! Samsung Galaxy S.
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    I just wanted to post that I did receive a reply from Amobia - they were quite helpful, and did some tests to check the line quality. The results were that the physical link was excellent, and they supposedly boosted the speed.

    Unfortunately I don't think it made much difference - I've had some really slow speeds this weekend

    However I'd like to test it more thoroughly over the next few days before I judge prematurely

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    I have to agree with Justn. He is my flatmate and for the good intent the Amobia service officer showed us - which I am thankful for - if anything our connection has worsened!!

    Here is my latest speedtest.

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    Something's wrong - I'm on the same package and not getting those speeds

    Local test (JHB) 3.23Mb/s -
    International (New York) 4.49Mb/s -
    International (Maidenhead - UK) 4.43Mb/s -

    And another local test I just did 3.24Mb/s - and International 3.45Mb/s -

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    redcliff - What area are you in?

    Apparently our signal strength is excellent so this should not be the weak link...

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    That said, I'm quite far from the tower (and only had line of sight of one tower) so if you have excellent signal then that's a lot better than what I've got

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    Default A Response from Amobia re:this issue

    Below is the email correspondence we had with peter savage. He details some very comprehensive diagnostics. I don't understand some of it to be honest, a bit technical for me. That said, we haven't got the desired line speed, still. I've been testing frequently this weekend. It was particularly bad yesterday evening. At the moment of writing this I cracked 0.94mbps with a 533ms ping and 0.4mbps upload speed.

    Let's see what Amobia say?

    @Amobi: still not a great connection guys. What can you suggest?

    Hi Justn

    I've completed the analysis of your link. I've posted the results below but I'd like to explain the different tests first.

    Test 1
    * Explanation:
    These tests measure the link quality of your WIRELESS link between your equipment on your roof, and the VPN server that your connection terminates. You'll notice a large difference between SENDING FROM your CPE and RECEIVING FROM the VPN server (although both sets are well within specifications for your link speed) This difference is due to the fact that the shaping to 3 Mbps only occurs TOWARDS your CPE.
    * Analysis:
    2 sets of 5 tests each were performed, using the underlying (AMOBIA private IP used to establish and maintain VPN tunnel) and public IP that you access the Internet with. As can be clearly seen, both sets of tests return results well within specifications. The conclusion is therefore that your wireless link is within acceptable parameters.

    Test 2
    * Explanation:
    The tests would pick up whether there were problems with the wireless connectivity, as well as measuring latency. I used 1000 byte packets instead of the standard 64 kb packets, to simulate load.
    * Analysis:
    I did 2 sets of flood pings from our VPN server to your CPE. Again, both tests returned results that exceeded my expectations.
    For example, on the public IP test, 0% packet loss, minimum latency 11.982 milliseconds, AVERAGE latency 46.205 and a maximum latency of 131.353. Again, the conclusion is that there is nothing wrong with your wireless connection.

    Test 3:
    * Explanation:
    This is where it gets interesting. I ran two sets of 5 tests, downloading identical 1 MByte files from a local site and an international site. I ran the first set at 11 am this morning. I ran the second set at 3:50 pm this afternoon, AFTER WE DID A BANDWIDTH UPGRADE.
    * Analysis:
    Whilst BOTH sets of results do in fact show that you are NOT getting the speeds you should be getting, I think you will agree that our bandwidth upgrade has improved your link by approximately 150%.

    I'd like you to monitor your throughput this weekend if possible and to please report back to me on Monday morning with the results.

    We really do value your business Justin, and I appreciate your patience and forbearance. I'd like to personally assure you that I will do everything possible to ensure that your link improves to the extent that you will be satisfied and also that you will perhaps make a more flattering post at MyBroadband!

    Have an excellent weekend.

    Kind regards,
    Peter Salvage
    Amobia Communications (Pty) Ltd

    ================================================== =======================

    Test 1:CPE <> VPN Server tests
    CPE -> VPN (underlying IP - should be less than 23.5 seconds)
    average of 5 tests: 10.9752 seconds

    CPE -> VPN (public IP - should be less than 23.5 seconds)
    average of 5 tests: 10.8332 seconds

    VPN -> CPE (underlying IP - should be less than 23.5 seconds)
    average of 5 tests: 15.2704

    VPN - > CPE (public IP - should be less than 23.5 seconds)
    average of 5 tests: 19.793 seconds
    ================================================== ==============

    Flood ping tests from VPN server to CPE
    (200 pings of 1000 byte packets sent)
    Underlying IP:

    --- ping statistics ---
    200 packets transmitted, 200 received, 0% packet loss, time 2664ms
    rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 11.198/48.407/148.419/27.742 ms

    Public IP:

    --- ping statistics ---
    200 packets transmitted, 200 received, 0% packet loss, time 2690ms
    rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 11.982/46.205/131.353/23.894 ms

    ================================================== ===============
    Download tests

    1 MB file from local FTP site - should be less than 5 seconds
    Average of 5 tests: 27.90 seconds

    1 MB file from USA site - should be less than 5 seconds
    Average of 5 tests: 28.566 seconds

    ================================================== ===============


    Download tests

    1 MB file from local FTP site - should be less than 5 seconds
    Average of 5 tests: 12.64 seconds

    1 MB file from USA site - should be less than 5 seconds
    Average of 5 tests: 10.574 seconds

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    The only interesting bit in the entire email from Amobia is the before and after bandwidth upgrade numbers.

    A 1MB file should download in 2.67 seconds on a 3Mb/s connection (assuming you had full line speed with no IP overhead etc.) so call it 3 seconds…. the best they could get to (after the upgrade) was 12.64 and 10.574 which translates to roughly 0.6Mb/s to 0.8Mb/s. So yes, even on their own tests you are getting nowhere near the 3Mb/s connection you are trialling.

    More telling however is the fact that the rep showed you the before and after numbers - i.e. he is clearly advertising that the backhaul is the constraint. By adding bandwidth (and doing nothing else to your connection) they managed to increase your 'speed' by 2.5 times….

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