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Thread: Cell C Network Issues: Disconnects, Coverage, Throughput Problems - Report Here

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    Quote Originally Posted by DTBA View Post
    To all the gamers and the people that can check their packetloss.

    It seems to been fixed I checked on my teamspeak I went from 20% to 0.01% at night so it seems to be fine my side.

    Could you guys confirm I need to give the tech some feedback
    It seems to have died down for me too since about 3 weeks ago. From having packetloss ALL THE TIME to mostly NOT having it now.

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    Went with Rain Lte through Ignite IS. Huawei router R1000. 120+120GB R999 per month. Month to month deal. Much better reception than cellc. MUCH better internet speeds than cellc in my area.

    That is all.

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    @CellC rep

    The packet loss issue seems to be back. Have you had any feed back on this from the network team.

    On the 41.50 ip range at peak hours it goes up to 20%.

    I tested this again cellc sim on cellc tower and vodacom tower same issue. But vodacom sim has 0% packetloss

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