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Thread: Telkom ads...

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    Default Telkom ads...

    that make you see red

    I just picked up the latest copy of my local Caxton newspaper - Telkom had a whole row of ads down the side of one of the pages. Unfortunately they fall fairly safely within ASA rules so theres not much we can do about them... but they still made me MAD.

    We're the cheapest way to make a local call
    No s*** sherlock - you're also the most expensive... its called a MO-NO-PO-LY (1 sylable at a time for the slighty slow people working in their ad dept)

    We're the cheapest way to make a long distance call
    But you sure as hell wouldn't be if you weren't screwing the VoIP providers with their interconnect agreements.

    And i'm sure they're not taking skype into account in these calculations - oh but wait... skype is shaped out of existance on your adsl network so it really poses no threat to you.... RIGHT?!?!?

    "rant for the day"

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    We're the cheapest way to make a long distance call
    What is the definition of "Long Distance"? I am sure its the same distance as a piece of string.

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