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Thread: Vodacom Self Help Platform = Short Codes

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    Default Vodacom Self Help Platform = Short Codes

    Send FREE SMS to 31050:-

    You will need to Write / Create a new message on the handset.
    Type the relevant SMS code then send the SMS to 31050.
    Within a few minutes, you will receive a reply via SMS.

    Vodacom SMS Short Codes (retrieved 3 November 2012)

    SMS Short Code Service description
    2YW Two Year Warranty Status
    AB Account balance
    ACS -Adult content status
    ADD Address Details
    AM Free Minutes
    AN Account Number
    AS Free seconds
    AT Airtime transfer
    CB Current Call balance
    CL Call limit
    CLA Call Limit Activate
    CS Call Sponsor
    CTD Contract Termination date
    DD Debit Date
    EPN Easy Pay Number
    ES Email Service Status
    FM Full keyword Menu
    HELP Keyword SMS Help
    HSQ Handset Details
    LI Last Invoice Details
    LP Last Payment Date
    MENU Top Keyword Menu
    MM Free Data Bundle
    MS Mailbox Settings
    OTA Over the Air Settings
    PI Proposed Invoice
    PTO Package and Tariff Offer
    SB Free SMS
    SM Account Summary
    SP Who is my Service Provider
    SS Service Summary
    UG Upgrade Status
    VAS Active VAS
    VPP View PIN/PUK
    VMS Active WIG Service Reminder

    Information retrieved from Vodacom website (3 November 2012): Vodacom SMS / Messaging Support Home
    Last edited by jes; 03-11-2012 at 01:21 PM. Reason: Updated short code list

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    A Vodacom customer representative told me over the phone today to SMS "PPD" to 31050 to get usage/limit info on my prepaid data bundle and it works. I see it's not on your list.
    Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

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    Here's an updated list received by sms'ing "FM" to 31050:

    2YW=Two year warranty status
    AB=Account balance
    CYCLEBUDDY=Cycle Buddy
    DEB=UPDATE Debit Order amount
    ES=Email service status
    FM=Full Keyword Menu
    SMS Help
    HSQ=Handset details
    IRS=International Roaming Status
    IVB=International Voice Bundles
    IVB1=Purchase International Voice Bundle
    IVB2=View International Voice Bundle Balance
    IVB3=Deactivate Recurring International Voice Bundle
    MENU=Top Keywords Menu
    MS=Mailbox settings
    ON=Own number
    OTA=Over The Air settings
    PAY=UPDATE Debit Order
    PORT=Prepaid Port Accept
    PORTME=Prepaid Port In
    PPD=Prepaid data bundle
    PTO=Package and tariff offer
    RH=Recharge history
    RICA=RICA Registration Details
    SIM=Last 4 SIM digits
    SP=Who is my service provider
    SS=Service summary
    TP=Talking points
    TPA=Talking Points Discounted Airtime
    TPD=Talking Points Discounted Data Bundle
    TPM=Talking Points Discounted MMS
    TPS=Talking Points Discounted SMS
    VCB=Vodacom Call Back
    VPP=View PIN/PUK
    VWS=Active WIG services
    WC=WASP Count History
    WD=WASP Enquiery Details
    YM=Yebo Millionaires
    Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

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    You can also dial *111*502# to get all your various bundle (voice/ data /sms) balances

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cellucity View Post
    You can also dial *111*502# to get all your various bundle (voice/ data /sms) balances
    To get a very outdated balance, yes. Vodacom is the worst with balances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cellucity View Post
    You can also dial *111*502# to get all your various bundle (voice/ data /sms) balances
    *111*502# incorrectly returns KB instead of MB, been doing so for a long time.

    Rather use *111*500# it gives your bundle expiry date as well.

    You have the following remaining balances:
    R7.35 airtime
    3725178 MB Data
    Account: R7.35.
    Data Bundle: 3637.87 MB

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    I need help?!? My 3g card from codwavom was working great till last week Thursday. Then it would only receive mail not send now today it is seen by my computer as a mass storage device? Wtf?

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    A new data bundle notification is available to use

    Send “ dnes on ‘email dress’ “ to 123

    You will receive an email with the data balances to the email address provided.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VodacomData View Post
    Send “ dnes on ‘email dress’ “ to 123
    Send what to 123?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpu. View Post
    Send what to 123?
    send the letters dnes on followed by the email adress to 123

    This is a free service

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    @ Mods

    Can this thread be pinned? It's very useful.
    I'm here because you can never know too much about data comms

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