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Thread: Skype Clarity

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    Default Skype Clarity

    I use Skype on a daily basis and the Clarity is supperb no matter at what time of the day.

    I have a 384 DSL Saix and my ISP is WarpDevelopment.

    I also run 5 anti spyware programs on a regular basis and each one picks diffrent infections quite regurlarly, my pc is totally free of malware/spyware, that also contrbutes to the cleararity of the connection.

    One of the best spyware removers I found so far is Xoptspy....

    Is there something similar to Skype?

    The Beta version of Skype now as facilities to use your WEBCAM .. but remember its a Beta version ....

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    There are lots of apps simialar to skype, most IM apps now support VOIP,then theres also... damn, cant remember the name now, will check later.
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    Google Talk
    TelkomInternet Communicator
    MSN Messenger
    ... just to name a few.

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