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Thread: Telkom, please wake up!

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    Angry Telkom, please wake up!

    Dear TelkomInternet subscriber,

    Herewith a report to indicate that your total usage reflects the following:

    Username: [email protected]

    Uploaded: 0Bytes

    Downloaded: 0Bytes

    Combined Total: 0Bytes

    Should you reach the 3.00GB cap on the combined total, you will be redirected to a throttled
    international service.

    To unsubscribe from this reporting service or view your online usage graphs, go to http://

    Thank you for choosing TelkomInternet, we value your dedicated support.



    Above, the second email from telkom regarding my bandwidth usage. Nice of them to inform me of my usage, except i dont have an account with them. I dont even use a SAIX isp!!! What the hell is going on with them? Who sets these services up? Is the entire Telkom team made up of morons, or only the ones I have contact with.

    P.S. I removed the real username (just incase some unlucky fool will have his username posted on a website).

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    Same thing happened to me. I haven't been with them for months and I start getting these irritating emails again. I had to swear, curse and threaten them to stop sending the reports to me in the first place. Now it starts again! It's damn frustrating.

    I'm a pretty patient person, but I have absolutely no patience with these bunch of useless morons.

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    That email is just further prove that Telkom has just a bunch of idiots/morons working for them.

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    At least we know where the country's bandwidth is going to now.

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    Abuser How dare you download nothing? Or is this Part of TelkomInternet's good management to be able to say that 90% of their users download less than 3gbytes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zerofocus
    Is the entire Telkom team made up of morons
    Your question also happens to be your answer...
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    "All your international bandwidth are belong to us!" [sic] - Telkom. OR DOES IT?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ernstn
    Abuser How dare you download nothing? Or is this Part of TelkomInternet's good management to be able to say that 90% of their users download less than 3gbytes?
    The Stats are skewed!.... If 80% of the users have 2gig accounts and 20% have 3 gig account, then the average for 100 000 users are(if they MAXED out their limits per month) is 2.2Gig per month over the entire userbase.

    This stat is 100% true but totally useless for anyone to use.


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    I've got the same problem. Ended my contract with them bout 4 months ago and I still get these stupid emails. Funny thing is that when I had my contract with them I had it set to send me the reports once a week on that I dont use them anymore, I get the fsken things every day
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    Careful that TelkomISP is not debiting yo9ur account on the side, sounds like something siff they would do

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