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Thread: MTN APN?

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    Default MTN APN?

    hi guys so i wake up this morning and try to check my airtime with *141# (on anytime 500) and i get an invalid connection error. so i looked in my quick settings widget and it says "no APN configured" so i go into the settings and select the MTN GPRS one but still nothing happens WTF???? does anyone know how i can fix this? thanks

    oh and its an htc desire HD
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    lenovo y500 gaming laptop

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    Hi! Well for starters *141# is USSD and hasn't got anything to do with GPRS settings so maybe just try dialing it again. Anyway - if you seem to have lost your settings, and you bought the phone from MTN, I think you can go into your settings (somewhere on the HTC) and there is an option to reset default settings or something. If you got the phone from MTN, I believe it will reset your settings back to what they were.

    If that doesn't work, just set your APN settings manually to either the "internet" or "mymtn" APN.

    Hope that helps!!
    I use RUSSIAN hax.

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