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Thread: EU account for sale

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    Default EU account for sale

    So ive finally decided to give wow up to make more time for other things. Thus im selling it since i wont use it anymore.

    The account has many charrs over a few realms.

    Twilights Hammer
    Ive been playing on this realm most recently.
    On it i have:

    85 Shadow Priest ilevel 357 Pve gear and a few piece's of pvp gear around 2.2k resil.
    Has 503/525 Tailoring and 525/525 Alchemy.
    Archeology is at 70 , Fishing 209 and First Aid at 423.
    1575g on this guy with about 1-2k of gems on it.
    Its got 3 pieces T11 aswell.
    Its got 985 Justice Points
    890 Valour Points
    904 Conquest Points
    891 Honour Points
    Currently has 2370 Achievement Points
    It has 280% flying.

    84 Prot Paladin (recently decided to get it to 85 but got over wow.)
    310 ilevel
    Its got about 5.6k gold on it. With various matts/greens/gems
    It has 3.8k Justice Points
    1910 achievement Points
    Has normal flying
    512 Jewelcrafting/ 450 Mining

    10 Shammy
    Started leveling this guy but lost motivation.
    Its got most heirloom slots filled.

    80 DeathKnight
    450 mining 448 blacksmithing
    1960 Achievement Points
    Has normal flying

    80 Priest
    450 Inscription/ 443 Tailoring
    1440 Achievement Points
    Has normal flying

    Chamber Of Aspects
    80 Rogue
    450 Jewelcrafting/ 460 Enchanting
    12 000 gold
    6745 achievement points
    1308 Justice Points
    16 different titles
    Has 310% flying
    28 mounts
    29 Pets
    Loads of matts and random little things

    The account has the following Heirlooms.
    Leather agi
    1h Sword agi
    Plate Chest str
    Plate Shoulders str
    Cloth Chest int
    Leather Chest int
    Cloth head int
    Cloth Shoulders int
    1h Mace int
    trinket int
    trinket haste

    PM with any questions.

    Im looking for around R1000 for it.

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    links to toons please.

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    Best i can do is screenshot the armory page's, grey out the names and upload it then post links?
    Never a good idea to post direct links to armory.

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    Dont link accounts on a public forum unless you want them deleted... Selling an account is against the game rules, and usualy result in account deletion. Send him the links in a PM rather.

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    Interesting... Send me a pm and we can talk business...

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