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Thread: MATelec Day Night Switch

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    Default MATelec Day Night Switch


    Spent the whole Saturday setting up Lights on the wall to my property, 10 lights in total daisy chained together, then connected to a MATelec Day Night Switch and finally to power

    By the time I had finished setting this up it was dark and all the lights worked perfectly however the next morning when I woke up the lights were still shining

    The Day Night Switch does not seem to be working

    I checked to make sure everything was wired correctly and it was. I placed the Day Night switch in direct sunlight for over a minute and still the lights did not switch off

    Any ideas of what might be wrong or how to test it, I am thinking that the unit is faulty


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    Can you here a clicking sound when the relay inside switches state when you cover/uncover the unit? If so and your lights stay on all the time, you probable connected it wrong. If the relay inside the unit does not make a clicking sound when you cover/uncover it, it is probably faulty (if it was connected correctly). It might take some time to switch states, because of hysteresis, but should not take more than about a minute to activate from covered to uncovered or the other way round. If you can hear the relay making a click, its probably connected incorrectly, take a picture of your connections and post it somewhere in order for me to have a look at it.
    I suffer from CDO, it's like OCD, but in the correct alphabetical order.

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    Definitely no clicking sound that I am aware of but will take a closer listen this afternoon

    Will also take a picture of my wiring this afternoon and post it a bit later


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    What is the point of the black neutral wire

    I see if I disconnect it the lights still burn?

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    Sorry, I'm unable to view the files. The filters @ work blocks file sharing sites. Can't you upload it to the MBB images setion?
    I suffer from CDO, it's like OCD, but in the correct alphabetical order.

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    Hope you can see them now.

    I have even taken off the plastic cover to see the circuit board, I can see the switch which is supposed to open and close to allow power to the lights and not, unfortunately in broad daylight the switch stays on allowing power to the lights

    I can hear no clicking sound at all

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    I get error 404 - file not found on the first picture?

    On the second picture I cannot see clearly what you did with the black wires. It looks like you connected the black wire from the supply to the black wire in the Twin+Earth going to the lights. Is that correct? It also loks like you have connected another black wire to the Neutral terminal on the day/night switch, but it looks like the other end of that wire goes into a twist-on junction thingy, but is not connected to the other black wires? Is that correct? If so, that is your problem. You have to connect the black wire from the supply to the neutral on the day/night switch in order to give it some power to operate, otherwise it will not be able to work (it requires "always-on" power to work as intended). In other words, keet the black wires from the supply to the lights connected togeher, but also connect it (both wires) to the Neutral terminal on the day/night switch. Now close the switch with a thick towel or anything else that would shield out the light and give it a few seconds (up to a minute). It should click and switch on the lights if it is working corretly.
    I suffer from CDO, it's like OCD, but in the correct alphabetical order.

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    I have re-listed both pictures, see if you can see them now

    Basically what I did with the black (neutral) wire is the following, the cable is really thick so I am unable to get the black wire from the power as well as the black wire from the light twisted together to fit into the neutral connection block on day night switch. So what I did was to connect the twisted black wire (supply and lights) to another short black wire piece so that I could get the end of that short black wire into the day night switch neutral connection block. Where I connected the 3 black wires together and closed them all together with a plastic twist on plug

    So basically I have 1 red wire from power supply into the "live in" on the day night switch connection
    I have another red wire go from the "switch load" on the day night connection to the light
    I have a black wire from the power twisted together with the black wire from the light and twisted together with another black wire which then goes into the "neutral" connection on the day night switch

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbeylis View Post
    I have re-listed both pictures, see if you can see them now
    No, the links to the images are messed up.

    If it is connected as described and the lights stay on the whole time, while daylight hits the day/night switch, the switch is stuffed!
    I suffer from CDO, it's like OCD, but in the correct alphabetical order.

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    Just tested with my multi-meter and I have to agree, the switch is most likely a dud

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    My day night switches do that when we have a power surge then need replacement.

    Probably just a dud.

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    My daylight switch switches the lights on and off during the day and at night the lights perfectly stays on,what could be a problem?

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    Dirty sensor

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