Walter Betschel is the Global Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tellfree.

The Chief Executive Officer of the TelFree Group of Companies is a true entrepreneur and a gentleman. He has established and continues to lead, successful companies across a variety of fields that pique his keen intellect, on all continents with the exception of Australia.

In his professional capacity, Walter Betschel is internationally renowned for his ability to develop strategic frameworks and sales strategies in multinational companies like Xerox Corporation and Petrolon International, and his visionary capabilities to invest in industry sectors of the future, long before they deliver on their promise. His skills have been honed through various qualifications and experience over his 66 years, including specializing in the psychology of sales and marketing.

Walter Betschel, who is a personal friend of a number of African head of states, has worked on a number of occasions closely with UNESCO in charity efforts and nature conservation, especially in the continent of Africa.