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Thread: BB Bold 9000 white screen and battery issues

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    Default BB Bold 9000 white screen and battery issues

    So my BB which has been functioning perfectly for the past 2 years is now giving me more and more problems. I have the OS v installed and it has been working fine, but now when i'm on a call, I hear a buzzing or static like noise for a little bit and then the phone just dies. The other thing is that sometimes if i'm using one of the applications or browsing the web, my screen just starts fading and then turns white.

    So during the day if i have a look at the application memory usage, it starts to decline. If i reboot by pressing alt + right shift + del the phone reboots, but the battery is drained, however the application memory is refreshed and I'll have about 13mb free which is fine for it to function without getting slow.

    So my questions are:

    *Has anyone else experience a near battery drain on reboot?
    *Anyone else seen the white screen of death and does anyone know how to fix it for good?
    *Anyone else got the memory issue as mentioned above?

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    If u in jhb call this number for the quote 011 4923500 or if u r familiar with the fordsburg go there. I am sure there are lots off guys who can fix it.

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    Did u ever re-load the software?

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