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Thread: Fiber being laid near my house.

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    Default Fiber being laid near my house.

    Mods please move if on wrong board.

    Over the last two weeks I've seen the guys laying cables about 100 meters away from my house. Three pipes blue,yellow and orange. Didn't think anything of it but stop and asked them what it was and they said fiber. Was in the middle of the road so didn't get more info. Will take a walk and find out more when I can. Anyone else have any info.

    Area: Theresa Park, Pretoria North.

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    Thats happening all over mate - unfortunately its not last mile network so it wont be going near you property. I also had new fibre run just outside my property about 4 months ago - I believe it was for the exchange.
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    bokomo or all-bran? don't worry if you don't get that
    yeah, it's happening all over, i think it runs between all the miniDSLAMs (those white Telkom boxes) and the main exchange. sadly i think it will still be quite a while before they'll be able to splice your home connection into it. as for the colours, back when they first started trenching the colour was an indication of who owned it but not so much anymore. there's so much that it basically comes down to what pigment the factory had at the time of manufacturing

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    Thanks guys. It's a start I suppose.

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    There also is some fibre being laid near my house in the Brackendowns, Alberton area. In the area where they are digging there is some board saying "fibre-optic" or something like that. I'm not sure if this is related but my telephone line has been completely dead for 8 days, so we cannot make calls or use the internet. I'm using MTN mobile broadband which is bloody expensive. Keep calling Telkom asking them to come and fix the line but no technician comes Today Telkom say that there is a fault affecting a number of us in the same area. It's taking forever to fix the telephone line. I can't live without ADSL

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    Quote Originally Posted by MicS View Post
    I can't live without ADSL
    tell me about it (=

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