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Thread: Web hosting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthro View Post
    Good day ! - (Welcome back?)
    To be honest - any of the hosting companies - I use and recommend Hetzner - will be able to give you a reasonably priced solution.
    Host your site in Germany, and get way more bandwidth on the cheap.
    Or they can just get MWEB and get uncapped bandwidth. Hetzner locally sucks because their DC is run by MTN. And with MWEB you can get a decent *dedicated* server for a 1/3 of the price Hetzner will charge including more bandwidth you can ever use at the same price.

    Hell, even Web Africa has better priced servers AND bandwidth *locally*

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmie23 View Post
    I also heard Afrihost was good, but decided against using them as you can only host 1 website per hosting package. Why on earth would you need 50 DBs for 1 website? It just doesn't make much sense. At least at Elitehost you can host 3 websites on the 2nd unlimited package. More is always better I say :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by yaseent View Post
    Yeh that's right man. I'm also searching for a host, and I'm thinking of going foreign, with

    I'm still contemplating going with one of the local chaps, I looked at Afrihost and Mweb etc - problem is you're kind of limited to one domain, i.e. no addon domains (no multiple sites).

    I'm looking for a sizable deal, but most importantly, reliability. My current host's mail server IP, has been on hotmails/lives blocklist for some time now, and unfortunately I only noticed this now. This is very unhealthy.

    I'm not looking for a one-man-show hosting business, I'd like a hosting company who has a team of clued up people, and I just can't settle on a definitive solution. I've looked at Hetzner, they have good packages I would say, but from what I've read on the forums about their after-sales and customer service I'm a bit scared to go with them.

    I've found myself at crossroads - and decided to create a thread here to get people's opinions. Noticed that this thread has just been recently opened, and not intending to hijack it, would appreciate anyone here to point me in the right direction
    EliteHost's after sales service is amazing so far. The other day I was just showing their site to a colleague here at work. Showed them the nice Server Status page. Next thing I know, up pops a IM Chat Box. It's Jason, asking me if everything is ok on my site, as he can see I'm on the Server Status page.

    Now that is what I call good service. SOOO glad I moved to them, not regretting it at all.

    Regarding someone else who mentioned MWEB Uncapped Hosting. Think they limit your MYSQL DB size, and you only get 5 email addresses. That's very limited for me.

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    Hetzner, if customer service is important to you, they are also good with Wordpress questions and have all the stuff you need to set up the site

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