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Thread: 8ta operator explains how to get better speed. specially for gamers

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    Default 8ta operator explains how to get better speed. specially for gamers

    i just spoke to one of the 8ta people over the phone and this guy shared some interesting stuff, he told me that i should get a modem from their store an 8ta modem and then i should ask them what modem is better for upload or what ever i want. he says cause there are modems which have been set to go to a certain speed. and that it is best to get a modem whichever service you currently using. for example if you using vodacom, then get a vodacom modem, if you using cell c, then get a cell c modem. thats what he said. i believe him cause i have a K4505-z vodaofone modem, when i use my vodacom sim, i get 2bars in HomeFront playing 32players online and it was running GREAT like there was no lag!. but when i pop in my internet 5 promo 8ta sim into my K4505-z then i get a BIG RED BAR in HomeFront and it LAGS like crazy. oh and you also need a good 3g router that supports the modems. try look for TL-MR3420 3G router, it supports all 8ta modem. this method is best for gamers who play xbox live and PSN.
    well maybe later im going to get the E1820 or E173 at 8ta. then il update on that. thanks hope this helps guys.

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    I'm a bit sceptical, there shouldn't be a difference - the reason your signal dropped could just be that Vodacom has better reception in your area than 8ta. But let us know if you see any improvement...

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    Wireless will always lag like crazy!!!

    Unless you on a prioritized APN you should be getting 300ms ping vs ADSL at approx 50ms
    to the same chosen local server...

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    well im not even in vodacom zone i did check the coverage map, and my ping with 8ta is 45-55ms. my friend lives next to me and he has a 4mb line, my 3G is faster then his adsl line. but i will check maybe later when i go buy the 8ta modem, i hope is does make a difference

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    oh and my download with 8ta is 10-12mbps and upload is 500-700kbps with 45-55ms ping

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    Online gaming requires a low jitter value and the above a certain value the size of the pipe is not much of a concern.
    And more so the latency & jitter...

    55ms is a very decent value but watch that value fluctuate wildly (high jitter) with the slightest event that occurs in the environment.
    And when that happens do the right thing and leave the MP session and dont ruin the experience for everyone else...

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    I'm using the Huawei E270 and the speed is not too bad, but I was just wondering that if I want to play online games will the E1820 or E173 will make any difference?

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    well maybe, well i have a 8ta guy coming to my house today to fix the problem i hope. but he says hes going to sort things out. will keep you updated and il ask all yal questions

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    Which router will you guys suggest for the E173? Or do 8ta sell a dongle that can stream a wireless signal as well?

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    hes talking smack
    If you use the HTTPS, HTTP or FTP connection model and your network provider only uses a single official IP address for all its customers you should configure a "keepalive interval" of maybe 3000 milliseconds instead of using the default 20,000 milliseconds. This will ensure your underlying TCP streams will not be re-used for other users after being idle for a few seconds, and if it happens anyway both server and client notice more quickly.

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    pokkel go to and get the LT-mr3420 router, its a 3g router, works on all 8ta modems. check the website and the compatibilty list.

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    I don't know guys. Maybe I'm just a 'cheapo'.

    All these recommendations of routers to connect are tedious and expensive. Sure they would help to connect more than one device to the Internet via your PC or lappy but if you need only your Xbox or PS3 to connect, a R120 ethernet cable definately suffices.

    I only started gaming online this week and I notice that with my 1mbps (or 0.16mbps sometimes but rarely) download and 1mpbs always (or 0.7mbps and slightly lower, rarely) connections speeds using 8ta prepaid on a Victory 301USB (7.2mbps), international gaming has huge lag. Local gaming has no lag at all. I feel like I am playing offline. My ping is between 50 and 130ms for local servers and 250 to 375 for international.

    Take my advice: You don't really need a router. Buy an ethernet cable for R150 or less instead.
    Last edited by McCrazieGoalz; 29-07-2011 at 10:25 AM.

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    well my friend, im not using my pc to connect to xbox live cause thats just wasting power. i only use a 3g router and 3g modem then im connected without going through all that pc stuff. the 3G router makes it so much easier. i know is cost money but its way better

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