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Thread: ISO 22716, Where can I download it?

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    Default ISO 22716, Where can I download it?


    Any idea where I can download a full ISO standard? The Internet is clogged up with sharks trying to sell you a service and they have in tern been flooding the Internet with fake documents (once downloaded you get an "overview" and a website/contact details for some shark that wants to do the certification for you).

    Any help would be great, Thanks

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    Your only option (considering your mistrust of the "free" sources) is to download it from ISO themselves. There will be a charge for it of ... 106 swiss francs - about R860.

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    The problem is the free sources I have found thus far only give you a document with an overview, some pretty pictures and contact details.

    If you know where I can find the real thing free it would be highly appreciated

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