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Thread: Mediafire Downloading Problem

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    Default Mediafire Downloading Problem

    I am wondering if I am the only person with this matter.

    When I try and download from Mediafire (the best file server) I keep getting a weird thing happen. The downloading progress says 'complete' and gives the speed but behind the scenes it's actually still downloading. The downloads are cool for files less than about 60MB to 100MB but files higher than 100MB get to about '105MB' and then give me my old friend 'Download Failed'.

    Am I the only person with this delicious problem? And has anyone come up with a solution. Google isn't helping me - it seems no one else is using Mediafire.

    My problems with FileServe and Megaupload and them is that they tell me that my IP Address is downloading when I am not - I figured this has something to do with that dynamic IP address matter used by BIS users.

    Any suggestions and ideas?

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    Yip, also experiencing it on FileServe with only a couple of files. Not all.

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    Pity. Oh well, hopefully there'll be a cure soon.

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    I am having the same problem with some links. if i download .rar files it seems to complete but .mkv, .avi and a few other video formats seem to complete instantly but download in the background. i did change the extension to .rar and it did the same so i think ruled out of theory.

    I still have this problem, been having it for months actually. any new fixes?

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