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Thread: Guildwars 2 and iBurst ?

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    Default Guildwars 2 and iBurst ?

    Hi i currently do not have ADSL but thinking of getting iBurst but would like to know if any one can tell me if and will the 2Mbps Desktop Modem be able to handle it, say for instance any people playing wow or Warhamer online maybe or any one using iBurst for gaming does it work or not ?

    Any info would be great thanx

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    anything with iburst in the same sentence end up failing :P

    wireless +mmo's = bad
    For all your graphics card requirements!

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    Damit was hoping for good news lol
    but thanx

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    As Guild wars 2 is a persistent world, it will be more important to have a better latency.
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    iBurst is definitely a no-go. Anything and everything to do with them just equals massive amounts of pain. Do a lot of research beforehand if you insist on going with them.

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    What about the 8ta 10 gig deal ? surely thats alot faster than iburst aswell ?
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