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Thread: 31000 American scientists agree - man made global warming is a hoax

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubbatentoe View Post
    Of the 31000 scientists, 9000 hold Phd's.

    Sadly this research is not very popular in the media because it is not sensationalist.
    Nothing is going to change and the world will not drown so nobody is interested.

    The peer reviewed research paper here ->
    The petition here ->
    The "Global Warming Myth" video (hosted at here ->

    Some of the facts:

    1) Sea levels have risen 7 inches over the past 200 years and is not related to CO2. It is directly related to solar activity.
    2) The temperature of the troposphere should increase if the release of hydro carbons is responsible for global warming. It's not.
    3) When a 3 fold increase in hydro carbons is observed the global temp DECREASED.
    4) Weather is not getting worse, Atlantic hurricanes & land based storms remain the same (not more, not less) - Only media reporting is getting better/more sensationalist.
    5) CO2 is a "fertilizer" and not a pollutant.
    6) More CO2 = greener forests & accelerated plant/timber growth.
    Didnt bother to read the whole thread. But here are 2 things to consider:
    1) 31,000 scientists did not ponder the theories of relativity, 1 scientist did...or was he a patent officer
    2) global warming and the world ending or drowning as you put it, are 2 different things - even if we worsen the weather, increase hydry carbons ten fold, and sea levels rise 1km - we will not destroy the earth - throughout its 4.5bn years the earth has been through a lot and will not be upset by a man made spray can - it will just shake us off like a bad rash

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    So a scientist is now anyone who can connect to the Internet....

    I have a science book or 2 lying around. I am now qualified. Gotta love the Internet.
    Ubuntu is an African term for "I can't configure Debian"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palimino View Post
    What freaks me out is the information that much CO2 is trapped in the permafrost of Siberia – it strays frozen year round. With increased global warming, the permafrost melts and releases more CO2. This creates more warming. More permafrost melts and more CO2 is released. And so on. A runaway situation occurs with no hope of recovery.
    Isn't that Methane?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoWhat View Post
    I can't wait anymore for the sea level to increase. At least I don't have to go down to Durban on vacation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosaudio View Post
    Isn't that Methane?
    It may be. Methane is much worse than CO2. Same freak-out applies.

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