Chris Marais is the Chief Executive Officer of the Leadership for Conservation in Africa (LCA).

He was born in South Africa. He completed a BA (Hons) in National Strategy (political science), as well as a BA (Hons) and MA in Organisation Psychology, specialising in organisational development. Over the years he was extensively involved in cross-boundary activities, often facilitating situations between conflicting groups. He played a major role in bringing about community liaison structures between SANParks and the neighbouring communities bordering National Parks. He was intensely involved in outreach programmes during the civil war in Mozambique, where after he facilitated cross-boundary discussions between South-Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Chris also has a private practice in collaboration with a number of business associates and he specialises in transformation and change management within companies. As an organisational development specialist, he facilitated numerous organisational growth, right- and downsizing processes, with the aim of enhancing productivity. Chris has been involved as a facilitator/consultant in numerous of the top hundred companies in South Africa and from time to time mediates between unions and companies. He was also instrumental in bringing about the LCA Initiative.