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Thread: wireless Billion 800VGT router from telkom info

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    Default wireless Billion 800VGT router from telkom info

    Hello, I have this Billion 800VGT router from telkom with a 364kb/s line, i was wondering cant i somehow enable this so that i do not need to setup the ethernet wire and just by using wi-fi connect to the internet?

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    Well yes, if you know how to. Enable wifi on the router, and on your laptop. Connect it and vola. I use this little excellent router, the included documentation should assist you

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    The router's user manual should tell you how to setup the WiFi.

    I would suggest that you use WPA2 security, with a reasonably long password (8 characters or longer).

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    Can't agree more.Excellent router.Initially had some problems losing wireless connection on a regular basis due to signal interference from other wireless network connections.Problem solved after changing channel on the modem.Used application inSSIDer to check other wnc's channels.

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