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Thread: Speedseeker Local torrent site

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    Hi all,

    We have just reopened with an even bigger box with an auto upload bot that will guarantee fast and latest content.

    What we got

    # Top Speed

    # Full tunneling ports support. ( To get around shaping )

    # Correctly named release. ( You get what you download hahahaha......)

    # No corrupt or broken rar's. (All content comes from a reliable source)

    # Full Imdb support.

    Hope you to see you soon!!!!


    Scene.speedseeker Staff
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    Hehe nice 850kb/s on my Cell C dongle xD

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    Cool will check it out

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    Good day,

    We are busy working on a new feature that will allow you to watch a movie directly from your web browser and you will also be able to download it directly from our local server at full line speed.

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    It falls over after each click, and keeps asking me to login. Rather annoying.

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    Ye! still working on it.

    The authentication is due to rutorrent ... Will get it fixed up asap

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    the MATRIX


    very nice. is there a list of high speed downloads on the site? would be worthwhile adding it if you dont have one...

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    Keeps on asking for my login details

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    I think most of the bugs have been resolved, please let me know if you find any bugs, please also supply screenshot of the error.

    Please note!

    For you to access this new feature you will been to create a new account @


    Site admin
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    Hi all,

    We have just hit our 10000 upload

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    Quite a nice tracker. Only problem is there are no free torrents at the moment and keeping a good ratio would be difficult until the user base grows. I see no advantage using this over IPTorrents at the moment, but when the user base grows and there are lots of HD content, I'll start using speedscene!

    Sent from my Galaxy
    Last edited by Pakka; 21-03-2012 at 01:01 PM.

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    Hi Pakka,

    Regarding the ratio/Swam... We have taken this into consideration and will be doing the following... For every hour you seed you will get 1000 points where by you will be able to trade it in for your upload to be increased , this should be more then enough to keep your ratio @ par. You can access the bonus exchange system by either clicking on the bonus link in your profile box on the index or by clicking on "Your Bonus" link on the to right hand side on the index page.

    All content gets upload by the bot from IPT the only difference is we focus on Movies and Series... We do have some 720p and will allow more in the future.

    Our main objective is speed, speed, speed and of course, new content

    I hope this has cleared some stuffs up and we welcome everyone


    We will be free leeching some torrents and will either make an app or open a thread for free leech requests.



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    Hi all,

    We are proud to announce that we have almost reached 1,500 torrents.

    Our doors are open once again and you will be able to create an account by following this link or if you already have an account and you have forgotten your detail please follow this link

    Kind regards

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    all down.
    "What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof." ~ Christopher Hitchens

    My idea of "Help from above" is a sniper on a roof.

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    Hey there

    We have reopened under a different name, we are using the same source code as TL, sceneaccess and BTN (Gazelle/Ocelot) We also have a bot running and uploading the latest content.



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