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Thread: Cell C + Blackberry Curve 9300

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    Default Cell C + Blackberry Curve 9300

    Hi Guys

    How do I connect to the net on the Curve,Were do I set the internet settings ?
    I phoned Cell C and they said I have to activate BIS, but I don't want that.

    Actually the last time I called Cell C to ask them how to connect the blackberry
    via my laptop, they told me the same thing..I need BIS, but I loaded the
    software and was able to make a connection,but now I cannot use the net on the

    Any help is appreciated


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    Why do you want a Blackberry without BIS? It is quite a useless phone without it!

    anycase - Options -> Advanced Options -> TCP/IP

    Check "APN Settings enabled" and fill in CellC's username and password (no idea what it is).

    But really, you're wasting your time with a Blackberry without BIS.

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