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Thread: IP addresses

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    Default IP addresses

    I see that sometimes my IP address comes up as and other times as
    This I find weird because I would have thought that "41" was somewhere in Europe not "good old SA".
    This is an ongoing thing - I first noticed it about 3 months ago (that's when I became aware of it anyway).
    Can someone please explain this [in relatively small words please ;-) ]

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    Well I have the Cell C speed stick and it depends on the network. From what I know Vodacom uses the 41. and Cell C uses the 196.

    Also I have seen that Telkom uses the 41. range

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    Quote Originally Posted by divv View Post
    This I find weird because I would have thought that "41" was somewhere in Europe not "good old SA".
    I'm interested why you thought that. was the first block that was mainly assigned to African Internet organisations. When AfriNIC was formed they took over the administration of that block. has been the primary block for IP address allocations to organisations in Africa for about the last 4 or 5 years. There are only small chunks left in the 41 block so most ISPs that need big allocations will receive blocks out of and have also been allocated to AfriNIC but are not yet being issued. You can see all the details on the IANA IPv4 Address Allocations page

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    Thanks guys for using small words and making it so clear! :-)
    I don't know where I got my wrong impression from - probably mis-read something in the past!
    All cool then - thanks again!

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