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Thread: Telkom Online Bill

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    Default Telkom Online Bill

    Has anybody noticed that it is taking longer and longer for telkom to do their billing runs. It is 16 Feb now and i still can't see my bill online.

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    I got my paper bill before the online bill!
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    Mine seems to work fine
    My account closes on the 12th of a month and the online bill was available on yestersday

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    Mine works
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    Thanks... probably depends on the billing cycle.

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    Default Telkom's billing cycle - batched by value

    Telkom batches their bills according to the value of each batch - not by surname (a-z) etc. They will batch the highest value bills together and send those out first because they constitute the largest amount of money to recoup from customers.

    In other words, Telkom's billing run for a month might look like:
    Cycle A - 150,000 bills - total value R20,000,000
    Cycle B - 150,000 billls - total value R15,000,000
    Cycle J - 150,000 bills - total value R5,000,000

    In effect, the amount of money you owe Telkom will dictate where your bill will sit in the queue.

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    Yep, I just get the message: "Dear online customer, please note that the online billing for "Cycle C" in February is delayed. We apologise for the inconvenience."

    Note to Telkom: TELKOM, please note that my payment for "Cycle C" in February is delayed. I apologise for the inconvenience.

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