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Thread: Skyrim... a taste....

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    Default Skyrim... a taste....

    Well, Skyrim is truly on my top 5 list of best games I have ever played. I play mostly in 3rd person view, and along with the horde of things you can do, it just seems to make me think of the similarities I have seen so far in Guild Wars 2. So, imho, I think Skyrim is a foretaste of how awesome GW2 is going to be!
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    I don't think you can make that statement safely to be honest... even though they're both RPG's, they're very different in actual genre.

    If I'm wrong then I'll definitely be playing GW2 though, so lets hope I am wrong

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    Yes, I agree, there are many differences, but if you have seen the hordes of demo's on the web, and followed the Anet-reveals, there are definite similarities. For me, Skyrim is a foretaste of what GW2 will be. Though I really don't want this statement to be an insult to Skyrim (or GW2 in that case).

    If I look at the two games this is what I get:

    Skyrim and GW2 both have 3rd person view. When watching the demo's of GW2, I just reminds me a bit of how Skyrim looks when wondering around the world (as I play 3rd person & not FP). Of course, in GW2 you can also roll, side step, dodge, etc, while Skyrim has roll as a sneak perk;

    Both have similar medieval fantasy gameplay with spells, skills, different races, professions, etc;

    Both use a similar system of learning skills and spells, and with more use, you can upgrade to more powerful options;

    Both have similar mining, crafting, cooking, etc, gameplay;

    Both allow for sandbox exploration;

    Both have similar methods of fast travel. Once you explore and discover a location, then you can fast travel to that place at a later time;

    In Skyrim you can morph into a werewolf, in GW2 you can shape shift into certain animals (I think this is dependent on being a Norn).

    Both games like using audible NPC dialog, so very little need to have to read what someone is saying;

    I realise some of these points can be considered weak, and I know that just because both games happen to have swords in them, certainly does not make them the same. I also realise you could say the same of the numerous points above with WoW, I wouldn't make the same conclusion. WoW does not look anything like Skyrim.
    I am just saying that when I compare the GW2 demo's and my gameplay with Skyrim, I feel that GW2 is going to be really awesome as so many concepts are similar in both games. And I love so much of what is in Skyrim. So, as this is the Guild Wars forum, I just thought I would pen my thoughts here. So, if you want an awesome game, play Skyrim, and dream of GW2 to come
    i7 5930k 3.5GHz, MSI X99 m/b, Noctua NH-D14, 16GB DDR4-2400, Asus GTX980 4GB, x3 256GB SSD, Logitech Z5500 5.1 Speakers, Two 27" IPS7, Win10.

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