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Thread: Remote assistance

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    Default Remote assistance


    My problem is this :

    My mother loves her PC ! She can stay in contact with the other ladies via email and skype. She loves her internet and no one is a better solitaire player !!

    But at least once a week a wrong button gets pressed or something gets clicked that shouldn't ! It is almost impossible to sort it out over the phone, because she cannot explain what's going on. For example, I've now figured out that she refers to the Taskbar as her emails....because every email she opens is shown as a new window in the Taskbar. Once, she was in a state because "all my emails are gone ! All of them !!" After 10 minutes of struggling I had to take an hour off work to go and check and it turned out that in some way she got to the "Keep Taskbar on top" option , and switched it off !!......

    Anyway, so I would like to know what my options are for remote assistance over the internet. It's basically two home computers that need to connect (I don't have a network at the office) I have XP Home and she has (as from today) Win 7 Home Basic.

    Freeware would be preferred.

    I even thought of using Skype and giving her a free standing webcam that she can turn around to face the screen.

    I do not specifically need to take control of her PC, if I can only see her screen.

    Thanks !

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    Thanks and thanks ! Will check them out !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by texo View Post
    Having used both TeamViewer and LogMeIn I prefer TeamViewer as it allows file transfers in the free version whereas LogMeIn does not.

    Also the attitude of the new owners of LogMeIn leave much too be desired. When they took over the company, features that were free were removed and their software became bloated.

    Still a good system if you dont expect any support from LogMeIn but I now prefer TeamViewer.

    In fact when I visit any of my customers I drop the TeamViewer Quick Support exe on their desktop and invariably they are very grateful that I can help them remotely.

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    I have been an ardent fan of Logmein, and it is still great, but I am leaning more these days towards TeamViewer.
    Quote Originally Posted by Swa View Post
    It's ignorant to think that reason and science necessarily leads to progress.

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    +1 for teamviewer

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    Thank you all !

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    TeamViewer is free for personal use and if you install Host onto your mom's PC (with a GOOD password), you won't have to rely on the dear old bat remembering to click something.

    Of course it also opens the door to you being called on a whim but family expectation management is always ...interesting.

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    Logmein all the way. I got the ipad app and although it was pricey I can now transfer files between all the PC's and macs I work with and at a reasonable speed

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    Thanks all, tried Teamviewer and it does what I want, but I will check out the rest

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