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Thread: France blocks moves to legalise Internet downloading

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    Default France blocks moves to legalise Internet downloading

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    Throwing the baby out with the bath water.
    Think twice, speak once.
    ANC - outfailing itself year after year
    ESKOM - Eish, Sorry Krag Opge*** - Maintenance

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    Its definately going to cause trouble for broadband in France!. They should not avoid or block the sites and make them illegal, they should find ways to embrace it still make money off it.

    People will still find ways to do their illigal downloading.

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    LOL - I love that one. Forcing pirates to scramble data is no issue...
    I dont understand why they dont embrace new technology for movie distribution intead of holding on to archaic ideals.

    This has got 'Failure' written all over it.

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