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Thread: Neotel 3G WiFi Router Problems - Need DNS settings!

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    Question Neotel 3G WiFi Router Problems - Need DNS settings!

    Bought a TrendNet TEW-655BR3G 3G Wifi Router (which transmits a USB dongles' signal into a WiFi signal for other devices). However, Neotel say they only offer support for a certain brand, but the TrendNet Router claims to work with every mobile provider. I seem to have isolated the possible problem, but since NeoTel support isnt open on a Saturday night...

    Here's the problem : The setup of the Router involves setting up the 3G connection with the NeoTel account details. However, the setup doesnt have any settings for Neotel (only for Vodacom, MTN and CellC), so all the advanced setting fields are left blank for me to fill in. It seems that the only settings that differ between networks are the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS server.

    I follow the setup as best as I can, but when it comes to test the connection, the Dongles light flashes green (indicating it is receiving a signal), but the computer tells me the connection failed. All the other setups work no problem (the WiFi and the LAN lights show no signs of problem). The Neotel dongle works fine when plugged into the laptop directly - it just seems to me the actual settings I have entered into the routers' setup are incorrect - and im hoping someone out there might have the insight to help me! (since it seems neither Neotel nor TrendNet are taking responsibility...)

    Does anyone know the DNS servers for NeoTel's wireless service?

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    Perhaps try the Google's DNS servers?

    Just a thought, honestly don't know if it'll work.

    Think the IPs are and, double check with Google search.

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    I use the tplink mr3220 .. I have a thread

    The settings I have is:

    Hope this helps.


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