Hi There

Please PM me your contact details so that I can assist you and apologies that no body has gotten back to you. Kind Regards,

Melanie Ferlito


Hi Melanie,

As per your last email, no one contacted me back in an hour, let alone since your last MB post?
I have signed up with a reputable, capable and knowledgeable company who has met my connectivity needs, Thank you.

I am appalled by the lack of service Iburst has yet to offer.
Truthfully, Iburst need to up their customer 10 fold just to be on an acceptable level in my opinion, which I am 100% positive to say that there are many others who would strongly agree.

In short, no disrespect to you Melanie as you are only doing your job; but I am extremely happy that I choose the competition as it seems it would have just caused unnecessary, prolonged disputes.