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Thread: Dedication paid off - top matric in South Africa

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    Default Dedication paid off - top matric in South Africa

    After having the best pass rate, the news just gets better for people from the WC... 'we' also have South Africa's top matriculant

    South Africa's top matriculant said it was a surprise to learn that he had performed so well.

    Ashraf Moola from Rondebosch Boys High managed eight distinctions with 100 percent passes for mathematics, science and accounting.

    The country's number one matriculant said it was not easy, but it was a rewarding year.

    “It was hard work and lots of dedication. There are no short cuts to success. It took lots of hours and I was very lucky because I had many people who were supporting me,” he said.

    The 18-year-old said he wants to study Actuarial Science at the University of Cape Town in 2012.

    He added that the support of his family has been the secret to his success.

    “My parents were really supportive whenever things were getting tough; they always gave me a little extra push. My brothers were also supportive.”
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    Excellent, good to hear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Librarian View Post
    Excellent, good to hear.
    Exactly. At least he was honest that he had to put in the time to obtain these excellent results. Some top students, when interviewed, seem to claim that they just breezed through without putting in the hours. People must learn there is no short-cut in life if you want to do well.
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    Eight? I thought the kids only did 6 subjects or am I showing my age.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grav80 View Post
    He'll be getting more pu$$y than he can imagine once he's qualified with a sports car and beachfront villa

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    thats true!
    an old friend used to say:
    if you live your life chasing pu$$y, you'll always be short on money.
    but if you live your life chasing money, you'll never be short of pu$$y!

    Well done dude!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quey_Quick View Post
    Eight? I thought the kids only did 6 subjects or am I showing my age.
    The really dedicated ones take on and extra subject or two.

    Back to OT, yeesh well he's gonna be earning a great starting salary because of his dedication... also wont have to worry about paying for his studies going forward.

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    I'm confused that they're calling this boy the top matriculant; heard a story on 5FM this morning of a boy who passed with 12 distinctions, and 2 of the subjects he did were international subjects.
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    my old school gratz Ashraf

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    Umm back on the old system my cousin got 11 distinctions. What's the big deal with 8 distinctions on this useless system?
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    10 distinctions and off to US

    THERE’S the cream of the crop – and then there’s Meghan Boroughs. The De La Salle Holy Cross College pupil, who’s been top of her class for as long as she remembers, yesterday became the top matriculant in the class of 2011, scoring 10 distinctions in the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) exams.
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    Well done Ashraf. You've got a bright future ahead of you. This is the century of the nerds.

    He is the top student because of his 100% passes in Maths, Science and Accounting (which are also the 3 toughest subjects). Having 8 distinctions at 80% for each subject, and having 8 distinctions with 80% for 5 subjects and 100% for 3 subjects is clearly not the same. His overall aggregate is probably the highest in the country.

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    A Djinn
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    He must've had countless nights where his parents denied him dinner until he finished his homework.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Quey_Quick View Post
    Eight? I thought the kids only did 6 subjects or am I showing my age.
    Many students I know of, who are academically capable, take more than 6 subjects.

    Structure of the National Senior Certificate


    Learners study at least 6 subjects - 3 compulsory and at least 3 electives.

    All subjects are written on one grade only and are no longer written on Higher or Standard Grade.

    Not all schools offer the full range of Elective subjects listed here.

    Each school may offer subjects specific to its academic orientation. For example, Agriculture Schools offer the agriculture-orientated subjects whereas technical Schools offer the practical and mechanical-orientated subjects.

    Group A: Fundamentals (Compulsory)
    Two official languages:

    Home Language
    First Additional Language
    Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
    Life Orientation (not examined externally)

    Group B: Electives
    At least 3 subjects from the following:

    Agricultural Management Practices
    Agricultural Sciences
    Agricultural Technology
    Business Studies
    Civil Technology
    Computer Applications Technology (previously Computer Studies Standard Grade - Literacy)
    Consumer Studies
    Dance Studies
    Dramatic Arts
    Electrical Technology
    Engineering Graphics & Design
    Hospitality Studies (previously Home Economics)
    Information Technology (previously Computer Studies Higher Grade - Programming)
    Life Sciences (previously Biology)
    Mathematics: "Paper 3" (geometry, probability); "Additional Mathematics" (calculus, further algebra, and one of: matrices, statistics, mathematical modelling)
    Mechanical Technology
    Physical Science
    Religion Studies
    Second Additional Language
    Third Additional Language
    Visual Arts

    Pass Mark
    The following levels must be met as a minimum requirement to proceed to the next grade.

    Home Language: Level 3 (minimum 40%)
    First Additional Language: Level 2 (minimum 30%)
    Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy: Level 2 (minimum 30%)
    Life Orientation: Level 3 (minimum 40%)
    2 Subjects (Electives): Level 3 (minimum 40%)
    Remaining Subject (Elective): Level 2 (minimum 30%)

    Life Orientation as Learning Area
    Life Orientation (LO) has been introduced into the senior high school phase for the first time as an examination subject. LO is a broad-learning subject that covers non-academic skills needed in life.LO is examined, marked and moderated internally and comprises the following sections: World of Work, helping learners find guidance in their choice of career and prepare them for the working world

    Health Education, this sections includes sex education, HIV/Aids talks, pregnancy, etc.

    Physical Education, involves physical exercise and training, it is done on a separate basis but eventually forms part of LO mark

    Religious Education, each South African school decides which religion to adhere to (as according to the South African schools act), learners may be exempted from these classes. In practice this means that learners may be exempted from, example, the Bible Studies class, but are compelled to attend the Religious Studies class (which deals with all religions as a study).

    Citizenship and Responsibility, this section teaches learners about their rights and their duties as citizens.

    Assessment: There are three types of subjects:

    General Subjects

    An end-of-year examination: 75% of the total mark
    Portfolio (Continuous Assessment): 25% of the total mark
    Practical Subjects
    An end-of-year examination: 50% of the total mark
    Portfolio (Continuous Assessment): 25% of the total mark
    Practical component: 25% of the total mark
    Language Subjects
    An end-of-year examination: 50% of the total mark
    Portfolio (Continuous Assessment): 25% of the total mark
    Oral Examination: 25% of the total mark

    Continuous Assessment (CASS) includes all the tests, examinations, tasks, activities, orals and projects done throughout the year. Matric results are usually out of 400 marks.

    Level system (1 to 7)
    Level 7: 80 - 100% (Outstanding achievement)
    Level 6: 70 - 79% (Meritorious achievement)
    Level 5: 60 - 69% (Substantial achievement)
    Level 4: 50 - 59% (Moderate achievement)
    Level 3: 40 - 49% (Adequate achievement)
    Level 2: 30 - 39% (Elementary achievement)
    Level 1: 0 - 29% (Not achieved - Fail)

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