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Thread: Media Streamer with Metadata support

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    Default Media Streamer with Metadata support

    Hi Peeps,

    I need some help figuring out what media streamer to get to play my movies.

    1. I have used XBox360 hooking up to Windows Media Center and MediaBrower integrated. This has been the best visual experience so far but it is a bit slow when browsing the library and I had quite a few formats not supported (pain).
    2. Currently I have Mezzmo installed on my media server as a DLNA Server and I use WDTV Live devices through the house to stream from Mezzmo. In my game (home theater) room I have the WDTV Live Hub. Now with this setup I have yet to have a movie not play. Mezzmo handles everything very well. Problem is my GUI is a simple file browser now. I miss the MediaBrowser type interface where I get cover art, synopsis, actors, rating, etc...

    So now I am on the hunt for a dedicate media streamer that will get movie info from IMDB/TheTVDB/Etc... It must be a DLNA Client though. I don't want to put the movies directly on the device.

    Note the use of a dedicated streamer. I have already done the whole build a PC, Linux/Windows, Media Player, blah blah. It is too much maintenance and became a pain.

    Any ideas?


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    what maintenance?


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    I had a Core2Duo inside of a Zalman case and it looked pretty good.
    Maintenance is probably a bit of a generic term. I just found it painful having to manage the hardware, drivers, etc... I am too old now for that. I just want a simple plug and play type setup.

    No budget. It depends on the value I will get from the device. Will to spend a few k on it if it can do everything I am needing.

    I have a 10.1" Atom based tablet PC that I am not using. It has 3 * USB so I can plug in a remote and it has mini HDMI for which I have a mini HDMI to HDMI cable. I have considered doing a XBMC installation on it and using it but again - I feel too lazy spending time configuring.
    I would prefer to just buy an all in one that just does the job. Put it in the rack, hook it up, link to Mezzmo and start using

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