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Thread: TeLkOm E-mail setup and problems

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    Default TeLkOm E-mail setup and problems

    I set up a Telkom e-mail account in outlook express. But it will not send. It does receive. I called 10215 3 times already. Yesterday morning the server were down. Yesterday afternoon the "support" gave me 3 new servers to try none worked. Then he came back and said the server is still down. As I saw no complaints on MyADSL I doudted the excuse. But hey, he is "support" and I must believe him. So called this morning. Same story no send but receive is ok. Now he gives me another send server, I asked why? no the others wont work???? So he asked to look at settings, done so again. Now I must make my Telkom account (not Mweb) the default otherwise it wont work. I disputed that and did it... still does not work, Now he claims I cannot use the alias as an e-mail account address. I said it makes no difference, he insisted so I changed again to the main e-mail address and it still do not work?? Now he wanted to start deleting stuff so I send him to hell and asked to speak to the next tier level. He would not untill he is complete. I shut him off and call again, said to responder he cannot help me and he insisted. Told him to go to hell I went through this 3 times and want technicall support. Cannot give it but he will get someone to call me. Still waiting; this will not happen!

    So please tell me the secret what is the issue with a Telkom e-mail account that does not work with the details they sent me?????????

    I set up many e-mail account in the past and never had an issue. Must be something simple like the username or something

    PS Oh Ya one other thing "had" ! to change was the connection. "It must be the local conextion the Any available setting would not work. How pathetic. So you see my frustration. That why I had to become rude.
    Patience costs time and time costs money
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    The first problem came in when you signed up for a TelkomInternet account. All the drama for a GB or two extra......shame

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    Have you tried ?

    Who is your ADSL ISP? Do you have more than one ADSL ISP?

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    My Advice.

    Check that your antivirus software is not being stupid
    Check that your firewall is not being stupid ( this is fairly unlikely )

    In Outlook Express itself:
    In the accounts->Servers options:
    Ensure your outgoing SMTP server is and that you do not have authentication or Secure Password Authentication turned on.
    in Advanced options:
    Make sure outgoing SMTP port is 25
    Do not use SSL

    It will not be something like the username, since the username/password is only used when retrieving mail, and you say this is working. Outgoing from addresses are not verified, you can put in almost anything you want as your outgoing mail address.

    My guess is that your problem is more than likely going to be antivirus software. Often just disabling email scanning, saving settings, then turning email scanning back on again will fix antivirus issues.

    You did not mention how you are connecting to the internet, SAIX will not allow you to send unless you are connected via a SAIX account. If you are connected via some other account you will need to use the SMTP server provided by the ISP or use the SAIX authenticating SMTP server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cableguy
    The first problem came in when you signed up for a TelkomInternet account. All the drama for a GB or two extra......shame
    I agree with you I am an @sshole. I did it out of sure stupidity because it was the quickest as it just go of the telephone account, no special prepayments or stop orders

    Now for the *********s like Byrd fighting for telkom and query why they have more users, Above is the biggest reason and that is all, Convinience for the lazy ZAR [email protected] like me and you!. You pay on your normal bill after the fact!

    Thanx will see what come up. I have tried saix ;but will again redo the whole setup.

    Telkom e-mail? Have saix (shame; blush......pity) Thus have to support the TELSCUM I wish it SNO'ws this winter too!!!!
    Last edited by pupa; 16-03-2006 at 11:45 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pupa
    I agree with you I am an @sshole.
    You said it....

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