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Thread: Iranian programmer death sentence upheld by court

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    Default Iranian programmer death sentence upheld by court

    An Iranian programmer who developed software used for a porn site has had his death sentence upheld...

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    Shame, the poor guy
    Is the 10 Commandments for Christians?

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    Death sentence! I don't know how anyone could ever defend that backward country!
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    Complete and utter bullcrap.

    Does this mean nothing??????????

    The software was used without his knowledge on a pornographic site without his knowledge according to Amnesty International.
    By this logic if my friend borrows my car and he hits a pedestrian, am i to be blamed and charged with culpable homicide/murder?


    Iran deserves the grief the USA gives them.
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    Default ....

    how bloody backward...note to the US, Iran, is not Iraq...- will be interesting to see how the Most Righteous State, among States, responds, to all the lovely sanctions that are being lined up ...would rather plan a holiday in North Korea, then go anyway near a Middle Eastern, stuck in the past, My God rules, country!!
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    Yet another reason for Iranian's who now live abroad, to stay away from Iran.

    Rather holiday in Dubai and fly the relatives in for a good time.

    Visiting Iran is visiting one of the worlds most intolerant societies (and you cant put all the blame on the government).

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    The Chinese are non the better:
    Chinese Businesswoman's Death Sentence Upheld

    A court in east China's Zhejiang province on Wednesday upheld the death penalty for a businesswoman who cheated investors out of several hundred million yuan.

    In December 2009, Wu Ying, the 31-year-old former owner of the Zhejiang-based Bense Holding Group, was sentenced to death in the first-instance trial at the Jinhua Intermediate People's Court for cheating investors out of 380 million yuan (60.2 million U.S. dollars).

    Wu raised 770 million yuan by promising high returns to investors between May 2005 and February 2007, the intermediate court found. She still had 380 million yuan as well as a large amount of unpaid debt with creditors when the case was uncovered, it said.

    The intermediate court said Wu amassed the fortune for "illegal possession by fabricating facts, deliberately hiding the truth, and promising high returns as an incentive."

    The intermediate court also ordered that all Wu's personal property be confiscated, and stripped her of political rights for life in the first-instance verdict.

    The Zhejiang Provincial Higher People's Court said in a ruling Wednesday that it rejected Wu's appeal as Wu "brought huge losses to the nation and people with her severe crimes, and should therefore be severely punished."

    The death sentence is still subject to review by the country's Supreme People's Court.

    Born to a farmer's family in the city of Dongyang, Zhejiang province, Wu started from scratch by opening a beauty salon in 1997.

    By 2006, she had become known around the nation for her Bense Group, which had interests ranging from hotels and department stores to Internet cafes, car sales, construction materials and dry-cleaning chains.

    Wu was arrested in February 2007. The second-instance trial opened in April 2011, following her appeal.

    A thriving underground lending market has been widely documented in Zhejiang, a bustling coastal province flush with abundant liquidity, as most small businesses have difficulty obtaining bank loans.

    The death-sentence verdict has sparked an outcry on the country's popular Twitter-like microblogging website, Sina Weibo, with netizens calling for a more lenient punishment.

    The public's reaction has grown stronger since China last year did away with the death penalty for 13 types of economic and non-violent crimes, nearly one-fifth of the total number of death penalty crimes.
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    It's my world, you're just living in it.


    I agree with some of the comments .. nuke 'em & get it over with.

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    SOPA.. Iranian style

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    Whoa, death for pornography? Death for theft? What the hell's wrong with Iran and China. Let's just hope that when aliens decide to attack, that they land in Iran first.

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