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Thread: Neotel Down?

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    Joburg, Microwave link, internet + SIP

    Both down at the moment, no calls, no internet via that link.

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    We always have a lot of packet loss on our fibre link.

    Their excuse is that our link is 1:4 contention ratio. And if we start using 80% of available bandwidth, we will get packet loss.

    So 15mbit split between 4 gives around 3.75mbit dedicated bandwidth for ourselves and we were using 5mbit when the packet loss occured.

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    Anyone got a internal contact at Neotel that can help me with my WiMax circuit ID or WiMax Service ID. My Wi Max antenna is working and I can ping the Base Station and have good signal but I cant connect and I am trying to sort it out and it is down for 3 weeks now and I am using my Neotel Prime unlimited phone now
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    Is anyone else experiencing loss of connectivity tonight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockOn View Post
    Is anyone else experiencing loss of connectivity tonight?
    ok it just started working again...

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    Down again.... cant get to my neotel fiber line from IS and they cant get international

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    aaaand we are back...

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    my NeoBroadband Fibre is completely dead...

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    Turns out there was a fibre break and it was fixed about half an hour ago, I’m very impressed with the service I received and the speed at which Neotel took to fix the break

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