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Thread: MTN Uncapped Lite throttled since 2012/02/01

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    within work for government dont you.

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    For the first few days after I reached my 3GB threshold, the speeds were really slow, nowhere near 256kbps. Since yesterday, though, they picked up and I get 30 - 40kB/s (which is ironically more than 256kbps) so I am content. This is perfectly usable since I can view 240p youtube videos without having to wait for them to stream.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays this way. For R300pm that would be awesome.

    EDIT: R289pm

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    Same here on Torrents is i get 30-35 KB's which isn't all that bad and on direct downloads i get from 40-60 KB's which is way faster than the 256kbps im supose to get

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loopin View Post
    I pray to disagree. R289 for this product is, compared to any network other than 8ta, very competitive even if you only use the 3GB.
    Yes, you'll get around 15-20KBps once you're throttled but that certainly doesn't mean you can't download at that speed. Ping is within reason.

    It's more or less what it's advertised to be.
    I agree, I'm happy with my spend on the 3GB. The uncapped slower speed is a bonus to keep email etc working untill top up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khanya View Post
    Do you know how much to cancel is?
    When you cancel, MTN seems to discontinue your Internet service, but you still pay for the remainder of the 24 months:

    An MTN salesperson I asked told me the same. So don't cancel, rather keep it as a backup solution. If you have to pay, you might as well get something out.

    No wonder they're in hearings for Consumer Protection Act non-compliance:
    Let's hope they get them.

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    I seem to still be throttled, even though I'm supposed to have received my 3GB already.

    This product is clearly not working out as it was intended to.

    I've spent about an hour talking to the MTN helpdesk people but it feels like I've accomplished nothing. They confirmed that my 3GB have been loaded and that I've already used up about 500MB of it, yet I'm getting speeds of 0.26Mbps.

    Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Is there not a MTN rep around here that could look into this or help in any way?

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    Yes I am experiencing the same! Still having jack slow downloading. 40KB downloads..
    Hope this doens't come out of my 3Gb as I am not receiving the faster speed I paid for.

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    This sucks am I the only one still being throttled?

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    I'm also getting slow download speeds even though it's been a month since the account was activated.

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    Dunno whats going on. will log complain and try customer service tommorow this is very frustrating.

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    Is the 3gb fair use for the full 24months of the contract or per month, because I have yet to see a speed increase again in the new month and still running on the throttled speeds...
    Has anyone's line gone back to full speed in the new billing month?

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    I am also getting Terrible Speeds, since the 1t of the month, this does truly suck!
    Beer - now THERE'S a temporary solution.

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    Yep, punishment.
    “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action”

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    Guess they should rename it to 256kbps uncapped...
    Beer - now THERE'S a temporary solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlooDBatH View Post
    Guess they should rename it to 256kbps uncapped...
    What is it?
    “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action”

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