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Thread: **Desktop User Terminal Help**

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    Question **Desktop User Terminal Help**

    I am trying to help someone who has IBurst setup a small network.

    I have read many of the posts as well as done Google searches, but I want to be 100% before I continue, so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    They have a Desktop User Terminal - Similar to the one located @ this URL -

    - They have two desktops & one laptop.
    - Each of the desktops are located in different parts of the house.
    - Currenty, there is an external aerial connected to the Desktop User Terminal which in turn connects to one of the workstations via a USB cable.

    My plan was to connect the IBurst Desktop User Terminal to a network switch via an ethernet cable & also connect the workstation to the switch.

    My next step would be to connect another ethernet cable to the switch & run it through the roof, to where the other workstation is located. This is about 20 meters away.

    On that side, I want to setup a wireless router & connect the other end of the 20m cable to the router.

    Finally, I will setup wireless access so that the person with the laptop can access the network from the far side of the house.

    I am familiar with this part of the setup.

    My questions, since I can't seem to download a manual for the IBurst device & am not really familiar with the IBurst device are the following:

    - Is it possible to enable Internet access for all workstations using this method?!?
    - Can I route traffic to the IBurst device like a gateway, so that everyone has Internet access?!?
    - Can the LAN port on the IBurst device be configured with an IP Address?!?
    - Or do I have to enable Windows Internet Sharing on the workstation & leave the IBurst device connected via USB cable to enable everyone to have Internet access?!? This wouldn't be ideal since that workstation would have to be on for everyone to have Internet access.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!?!

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    Does the modem have an Ethernet port or is it USB-only?

    If Ethernet:
    You can buy any WAN-router ( Router with an Ethernet WAN port ) and configure a PPPoE connection on the router. Any devices connecting to the router can then access the iBurst internet connection via cabled/wireless means
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    Yes, it has an Ethernet port.

    So, maybe I will modify my plan slightly...

    Instead of just a switch, I can buy a WAN-Router with a couple of extra LAN ports then then buy a wireless router for the other side.

    Hopefully the DLink DIR-100 should do the trick...

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    From the Datasheet it has a WAN port so it'll do the job

    I'd look at these guys too >
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    Just some feedback about my weekend installation...

    I purchased a DLink DIR-100 for R250.00. First did a firmware upgrade (, entered the username & password, changed the MTU to 1392 & selected the [Always On] option. Plugged the DLink DIR-100 into the IBurst device using the UTP cable provided & in less than 10 seconds, authentication had happened - Permanent IBurst Internet connection without any hassles, using Windows Internet Connection Sharing or using the Dashboard.

    I completed the installation by connecting the wireless router on the other side of the house to the DIR-100 via 30 meters of UTP cabling.

    There are now two Desktop PC's, a laptop (via wireless) & a Samsung Galaxy S cellphone (via wireless) all running through the IBurst connection.

    So, thanks @PsyWulf for your advice, it does indeed work.

    Just one point to note, the IBurst account was one of the original 1Gb accounts & I noticed that the account name/type no longer exists on IBurst's website. The account owner was being charged R89 each month & then an additional amount for 1Gb as he exceeded the initial 1Gb - So the account was around R149 per month. I phoned IBurst on Saturday to ask them what was going on & was told that in October 2011, IBurst would migrate any account @ no extra cost, but the client had to request it. So, for a R149 he now has a [Playa 5+] account, which will be needed for the additional traffic e.g. Windows Updates, Antivirus Updates & whatever else will pass through the network.

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    As an extra note for any interested in doing this

    If you have packet fragmentation issues adjust the MTU on the router to 1392 from the default
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