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Thread: thank you 8ta

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    Default thank you 8ta

    So I got telkom mix 8ta number being suspended because telkom did not register the phone on their side.

    The reason for this post,
    I email 8ta, they reply, I emailed back, they replied and phone to inform me,
    sir your problem lies with Telkom.
    This is normal service but I am not use to it.

    Any Telkom rep around here.
    RPM should get one.

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    If i understand you correctly a telkom agent helped you instead of an 8ta rep, (on activation i had the same experience the ONE 8ta rep instore was on lunch break...) thus they blame telkom for thr mistake ?

    Did the phonedesk atlease assist you in ehoom to contact to fix the problem ? My best adivce would be to return to the store and basically not leave until someone resolves this for you.

    Good luck ! And where the hell in the 8ta rep anyways ??? Avoiding clients again !

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    They gave me the number, but its the number no one wants to phone 10210. Its worst than the dstv number.
    I was at telkom direct. maybe I must go in again, very friendly this time.
    We need a telkom rep. But will he be able to help.
    If I were the boss at any of these companies, I would have a rep here all the time.

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