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Thread: VODACOM Reception Issues

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    Default VODACOM Reception Issues

    Hopefully someone from Vodacom is on here.

    Here is my story in short....

    I've had persistent reception issues for years at my work premises. Last year a cell extender was installed, but it is insufficient to say the least. Since then a new Vodacom tower has been erected 5km from me with very little obstructions. My reception improved in certain spots but I am unable to work in the far end of my garden 24/7.... Calls have been made to Vodacom ad nauseam to come and do some tests.....

    On the 06/02/2012 I called the call center to report the problem and the next day I gave my co-ordinates to a guy from Network with the promise that he will be there within days (I am still waiting, he doesn't answer his phone either). Numerous calls have been made since to the call center where they either neglect (after promising to do so) to call me back after the call is dropped or they refuse (literally) to put me in contact with a manager.

    Now I am not one for threats but I am dumping R15k per month on your network. Something has got to give.

    Send word.


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    Hi Samuel

    Thanks for the information. Can you please provide the location where you have these problems. It will help Vodacom to investigate.

    You can also post your any problems here with relevant info:

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    You're in Mamparalanga, Vodacom isn't interested in you, just like Cell C.

    Report ongoing network problems (voice and 3G) in Nelspruit. Seven weeks later I received an SMS to inform me that the network problem has been resolved. Sadly, there is no definition of "resolved" on the VC website, and the signal hasn't improved either.

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    I am in Montana Park in Pretoria. My current download speeds reminds me of my 14400 modem of the early 90's. The only difference is that my telkom line of those years was a bit faster. I am also very pee'd of with Vodacom because i have a 24 month contract for 1.5 GB @ R299 and now they advertise a 2 GB @ R149 (incl modem) and I have another 11 months to go!

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