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Thread: Polygraph testing only one employee

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    Quote Originally Posted by ponder View Post
    Going the legal route is costly and does not always end up going your way. She should however take this up with the CCMA & Department of Labour. She should also demand a letter of apology. All to keep her name in the clear.
    And? That's what I said.

    It however does not hurt to have a lawyer send a nasty threatening letter. The company will have to consider that their name is going to be dragged through the mud.
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    @plbartie I see you are in Cape Town. I know a good labour lawyer I used to nail a previous boss if you need someone. He works on commision on cases like this with a very small (few hundred) upfront fee.

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    Yes. Please do not just let it go, we have enough of that attitude in South Africa.

    Make them think twice before doing such a thing again.

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