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Thread: To iBurst or not to iBurst?

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    Default To iBurst or not to iBurst?

    Up until 3 weeks ago i had a very good Telkom ADSL 4MB uncapped service.
    Unfortunately this option appears to now be gone forever due to cable theft at the exchange - Telkom does not want to replace the cables.

    We do have an iBurst tower ~ 1km away.
    is iBurst an option that could compare favourably with Telkom 4MB Uncapped ?
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    Let me re-phrase that; Hell no! I cannot urge you strongly enough to stay away from iburst. You will regret it till the end of your days.

    Have a look around the forums and you will see what a nightmare they really are.
    Think for yourself, Question authority, Know what's going on

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    Thanks for the answer.

    Any idea of what else could be an alternative that is is affordable?
    What's really bad about this is that we are in a very old established part of Pretoria East - i.e. this is not the stix.

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    I tried iburst smack bang in centurion, gave it back within a week.
    Buy yourself an 8ta sim and load R10 airtime
    Phone 8ta to switch on 8ta only network(tell them you want to do the go big 3GB special)
    Test the speed, if youre getting WCDM or HSDPA you should be fine to go for the go big 10GB contract
    Same applies for cell-c

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    I have Iburst due to lack of cables and the speeds are shockingly bad so stay away and spend your money elsewhere

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    same here, i have iburst due to lack of cables that was stolen and i cry every night, it is so slow i get like 25kbps in the day on a direct download and dont tell me its shaped, its 2mbps modem WTF???

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    Quote Originally Posted by sammya View Post
    We do have an iBurst tower ~ 1km away.
    is iBurst an option that could compare favourably with Telkom 4MB Uncapped ?
    No. You will cry.

    I also have tower with clear line of sight 1km away. But you can do nothing when that tower is congested.

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    add to all of the above instanced like today/yesterday where the entire country cant browse the internet, and iburst dont appear to know what the hell is going on. The place is run by a bunch of clowns! - Get the best pet products from Nuzzle, and get them delivered to your door.

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