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Thread: MTN Broadband Lite

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    Default MTN Broadband Lite

    Hi There...I hope someone out there has a sulution. I have a Broadband Lite package and could never check my balance on the 3 gig data, after a lot of complaints I manged to get this fixed and found that I have 2.6 gig left only to get a sms last night telling me that i reached my limit and will be throtled to 256kbs...witch is on 15kbs in the first place and the balace is wrong. I phoned 808 only to be told to phone 1555 and there I have been holding on 4 times for more than 25 min each....please there must be a way of getting these guys to give decent anyone know who to contact or what to do?

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    Default MTN Lite / MWEB issue

    I have been checking my usage using MWEB ‘my accounts’ regularly and see that I have 6Gb of data (3Gb carry over). I have just received a SMS from MTN (23/02/2012) stating that I have reached my ‘soft cap of 3Gb’ and my speed will be throttled. Why can't MWEB show my actual usage, even if it 1 day delayed?
    Why didn’t MTN warn me at 60% and 80% usage via SMS?

    MTN has been giving me unstable connection service which has led me to waste data. I have lodged three complaints but have not received any reply for two of them.

    NOTE: Even while my connection is throttled at 256kbps, I don’t get an 'almost constant' speed...

    This is pathetic service.

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