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Thread: Toll Roads & GPS Custom Avoidance ???

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    Default Toll Roads & GPS Custom Avoidance ???

    I am looking for a cheap GPS that will allow me to enter the Gauteng toll gantries, in a specific direction only, as they do not always go over both directions.

    The idea is to still be able to use the toll roads, but to never pass through a toll gantry. As you may know, there are long sections of the free(?)way that do not have gantries, and I still want to be able to use those.

    I have Garmin Nuvi 300, 760, 2200, but none of them can do this. According to the Garmin website, the new 2400 series and higher can do this, but they are expensive. The Sygic on my phone cannot do this.

    Just out of principle, I refuse to pay the tolls, and the best way is just to avoid the gantries.

    First prize would be a GPS that already has the gantries on the maps, and that has a setting to just avoid these without avoiding the toll roads completely, as most of them do - that won't work !

    Other ideas ?

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    Do any of your Garmin devices support the ability to set temporary roadblocks? I know my Garmin XXL IQ Routes edition does, and I've used it a few times to avoid areas where road maintenance/construction was taking place. I think it also supports directional blocks, which is exactly what you're asking for. If it DOES support such a feature, a possible solution would be to set the area about 100 meters before until 100 meters after (for example) as a 'blocked' road. The navigator should then route you on and off the highway at appropriate on/off ramps to avoid the 'blocked' areas (toll gantries).

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