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Thread: Windows XP Home SP3 issue.

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    Default Windows XP Home SP3 issue.

    We have a pc in the office that won't allow you to unselect the read only property of files/folders. The tick box does clear on clicking apply but if you check it again it is ticked again. I am logged in as Admin (only one account is active) and I have tried in save mode as well. Any ideas?

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    Quick Google revels it's a pretty common problem:;en-us;326549

    also here, second last from the bottom seems to be a fix:
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    Default Thanks.

    I already tried a few google results but nothing worked. Hence I asked the pro's on the forum.
    I'm tring a couple of things now and will let know if something works.

    Thanks for replying though...

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    Try upgrading your PC to Windows 7 If Possible, much faster and better

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